Double Rescue

My cousin in Indiana shared this story April 22nd on Facebook and I had to share it here as well.  I won’t bore you with a long introduction, I’ll just share her words and photo as they are.

Praise God!!!


We recently rescued some horses I had help from a few folks but Gods hand was surely present. I went to the Animal shelter to see if they had the means to transport them or knew of anyone who I could call to get them for me. A man was sitting in the parking lot he had lost his dog and was heartbroken we talked for a few minutes and he said that he had a stock trailer and that he would help me get the horses. A few days later he went and got the horses for me he was very gentle with them and he told me some things to help them get healthy. I asked him about his dog and he said that he had walked the creeks the evening before and he thought that he was going to give up. That evening I went looking for his dog I prayed as I drove up and down the roads and a voice kept telling me that I wasn’t going to find the dog just to go home but I was pig headed and kept looking finally I went home. That was a week ago, today the gentleman came by the house his dog in the front seat. I didn’t get to talk to him I was too late getting outside but my daughter talked to him and this is what he told her… Please tell your Mom that I found my dog all because of her. I found him on my way home from getting the horses on a road I would never have looked on because it was quite a way away from where he disappeared. God put this man in my path at the animal shelter that was closed when it should have been open God put the dog on a road that he shouldn’t be on and God sent me the horses that desperately needed someone to love them and take care of them… God works in mysterious and wonderful ways

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