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Catholic to the Max

Late last summer during the height of the COVID pandemic, my daughter and I made a store run for my elderly mother who was doing her best to remain isolated from the general public. We were driving in my 20 year old Buick. It had

Doves and Cardinals

As we head into Pentecost Sunday, which is the day that we celebrate receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit at the close of Christ’s earthly ministry (quite literally the birthday of the Church), I cannot help but be reminded of one of the most

Touched by Heaven

This is an entry that has been a long time coming.  Depending on your perspective, the origins of this God-incidence took place in June of 2007 at the earliest, or in September of 2018 at the latest.  In either case, it has taken me over

Exercise for the Soul

Growing up, I never placed a huge priority on exercise. I was physically active as I discussed a few years ago in “Back” Home, but I was active because I enjoyed playing basketball, not because I was making a conscious healthy decision for physical fitness.

Sandusky Family Time

After spending the weekend back in my hometown — taking some time to remove a few heavy furniture items and appliances from my mother’s recently sold home, my wife, daughter and I drove back up to Sandusky this morning just in time for lunch. We

Sunset Gardens Sunrise

Below are a few updates on my recent Wake Up Call post – relating to my mother’s decision to sell her house and move to an apartment.  If you haven’t read Wake Up Call – just published 11 days ago – you should go there

Wake Up Call

When my father passed away two years ago, he was well into what would be his final day or two with us.  He was no longer able to speak in response to any of us and no longer responded to me with any eye contact


I’ve previously blogged about my past experience teaching the Sacraments to 5th graders about 15 years ago. It’s odd to think it has actually been that long ago, but the wall calendar behind me verifies this to be true! I’ve already admitted that I wasn’t

Faith, Hope, and Charity

Unlike many of my other blog posts, there is very little background or build up to this particular episode of GodIncidence.  It is pretty simple really.  Today is Christmas Eve. Sometime between 10 and 11 o’clock this morning, our doorbell rang. I was in our

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Every year around this time of year, along with the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, comes the popular topic of whether stores and restaurants and the like should be open on Thanksgiving Day. I am not going to delve into that topic specifically, but it was