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If you haven’t already seen it, my “sister blog” Words of Wisdom, has dozens upon dozens of memorable quotes from my seven year old as she has grown over the past four years.  There is a good chance that you perhaps saw the Words of Wisdom blog first and followed a link there that led you here.  Regardless of your own order of discovery, both have a special purpose or raison d’être., which I tried to spell out in the ABOUT pages of each blog.

Over the past few years from pre-school to kindergarten to first grade, I have seen my younger daughter blossom from reciting and recognizing the ABC’s to reading school reader books and age appropriate library books.  It is amazing to see her reading progress just over the past few months of first grade.

Last week she informed my wife and I that she was picked to do the First Reading at their weekly Mass the following Thursday.  Her teacher sent home the reading with a note asking us to practice it with her in preparation for the Mass.  It definitely contained some words and phonetics that she was not yet familiar with.  It made me recall my own elementary Catholic school days and how it felt to be chosen to do readings at school Masses.  But I attended public school through the second grade, so I never had the opportunity to read at Mass at this young of an age.

With this being her very first experience reading at Mass, both of her parents and big sister arranged to attend the Mass and listen to her.  In a bit of irony, for her first time in public, how appropriate that the First Reading on November 14th was be taken from the Book of Wisdom!  It gives a whole new meaning to the blog Words of Wisdom, devoted to the wise things she says!

The audio portion of the video linked below is not very clear.  This is more a result of the horrible sound system in our church than of the camera microphone or the seven year old.

Praise God!!!

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