October 13, 2008 – Psalm Song

On October 13, 2008, I met with my weekly bible study/faith sharing group to read the upcoming Sunday readings and share our thoughts. The Psalm reading for the following Sunday came from Psalm 96.

I own a Martin Doman CD with a song simply titled Psalm 96 ripped to my laptop. The song is inspired by the scripture and is a beautiful song of praise to God.  I’ve gotten into the routine of bringing my laptop to the group every week. I have eSword Bible software loaded on my laptop so that I can easily make notes of key things mentioned in our group inspired by our discussion of specific scripture passages that I might otherwise forget, so it wasn’t particularly odd to the rest of the group that I had a laptop with me on this particular evening.

But because of the readings this particular week, I planned to play the Psalm 96 song after our discussion of the psalm as part of my contribution to the reflection.  I specifically planned to wait until all the spontaneous discussion was complete before monopolizing any additional time with music.  I was just about to open my mouth to preface the music nobody else knew I was going to play, when one fellow said the psalm reminded him of the song Sing a New Song and how so many of the psalms have been the inspiration for our present day church hymns.  Once he was done expressing his point, I started the song from my laptop — with no better segue than what he’d already shared. What a God-incidence that was!

Praise God!

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