In 1998, during my last semester in law school, I started a personal web page on AOL.  It was a very basic design with simple information and links.  Over the next few years, I edited the pages to include new ideas and links while deleting some of the old ideas and broken links.  My site moved from AOL to a user page on a smaller independent ISP and most recently to a new server with a new domain and it is presently undergoing a design transformation.  The page, as it currently is, is not updated often enough, but feel free to take a look.

One of the pages I added along the way is the story of my wife and I.  Not coincidentally, I titled that page There are No Coincidences with God.  It is my firm belief that every one of us experiences daily uncountable “non-coincidences”, but we don’t always see or recognize them.

My question(s) to you: What if there was no such thing as “coincidence”?  What if everything we experience is a part of God’s divine plan?  I’m not talking about predestination where none of our decisions matter, but free will fully integrated into a divine plan. Would we look at our encounters and our personal choices differently?  Maybe not… but maybe!

Several years ago, even after posting the story of my wife and I to my web site, I began noticing more and more often that these “non-coincidences” seemed to occur more frequently than I ever realized.  But I also found that after a few days (or sometimes even a few short hours) I could only remember the more obvious and profound “non-coincidences.”  I lost track of many other “non-coincidences” and it bothered me.  Years ago, I used to journal my thoughts and ideas on an infrequent and irregular basis, so I decided to start up that practice again, but with exclusive regard to my “non-coincidence” experiences.

So I started up a new Word file on my computer and began to jot down some of my experiences.  After a number of months I had about ten or so entries in my journal, but it wasn’t until late October of 2008 that I realized two things after getting a phone call from a friend.  First, I still was not recording all of my experiences.  Second, and more importantly, even those recorded experiences — for the most part — I did not share with anyone else.

I asked myself what good was I doing to track my own experience with “non-coincidences” if I didn’t share them with others? Sure, I added the There are No Coincidences with God idea to my web site and encouraged others to share their experiences with me*, but the real power to the idea that There are No Coincidences with God is in the ongoing reinforcement and personal witness of that idea.  It is not a one time experience never to be witnessed again.  Read Mt 5:14-16; Mk 4:21; Lk 11:33

*(I’ve only had one person e-mail me of his experience, but I chose to not re-publish others’ stories without the consent of all involved).

So, I decided to make this my first foray into true blogging.  I don’t claim to have any special knowledge, insight, or credentials and I am not necessarily looking to debate the theology or skepticism of those who question the existence of God.  All I can say is that I’ve witnessed the love of God and I absolutely believe that There are No Coincidences with God. I want to share these experiences with others and hear of their own.

Some of these instances will be more profound and significant than others, but none are insignificant. Some of my stories will be more personal than others and may contain comments or thoughts that make them seem childish or incomprehensible to anyone who hasn’t shared my personal experience.  An “inside joke” means nothing to the person on the outside.  That won’t make the encounter any less valid to me, so I choose to journal those as well.

I have no idea how often I will add new entries.  I guess that will depend upon how observant and in tune I am to the daily graces that I receive.  But I welcome any reflection or comments and invite you to share your own experiences which tell you in your heart that There are No Coincidences with God.  Let this blog be a sounding board for all who believe.

I have a number of past experiences in my journal that I will post here in the next few weeks and will move forward from there.

Praise God!

When I started this blog in 2008, I envisioned it would be a place where I shared my ongoing  experiences that there are No Coincidences with God (which I later referred to as “God-Incidences” after hearing that term from a friend).  I’d had quite a few of these experiences prior to initiating the blog — some more profound than others.  But as it turned out, I failed to keep my eyes open and keep myself as aware as I could have.  I still believe that God-Incidences happen to each of us every single day — there are just so many that slip by while we remain oblivious – our attention focused on other worries and concerns.  I found myself no longer tuning in to my own God-Incidences on a regular basis, so my blog posts ended rather abruptly in the summer of 2009.

That, coupled with a really poor blogging interface on my server, kept me from making the regular posts that I had originally hoped for.  In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have limited my comments to only those times when I recognized a profound God-Incident.  God-Incidences are only one small part of sharing the presence of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

After setting up a new blogging interface and porting over the older stuff, I’ve decided to expand my focus.  Utilizing blog categories, I can still showcase the God-Incidences as they filter in among the other events and occurrences which are equally strong testaments to His presence in my life and in our world.  Truthfully speaking, this blog is probably more for my own spiritual growth and reflection — something that I sometimes overlook in the daily grind and often fail to work on the way that I should — than it is for anyone who accidentally stumbles across this site.  If I generate any followers along the way who get any sort of inspiration from my observations, that is just icing on the proverbial cake.

I hope to resume this blog and post on a more consistent basis.  I plan to expand beyond God-Incidences, but still keep it tied to my personal awareness and relationship with Father, Son, & Spirit.  I don’t intend to write about the mundane experiences of everyday life just to get in regular updates.  I have to hold something back for Facebook and Twitter!

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